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The imaging technology solutions developed by Dexcel are primarily for surveillance, target image capturing, images for scientific data analysis and archival purposes. It gives us an edge over to cater to any similar requirements across the industry segments. Our engineering team specialized in this segment, supplemented by other in-house groups for support function enables us to achieve the best results required by our customers.

Images, both mono-chrome and color are captured in real-time and compressed for onward transmission to the end user; a ground station, a geo-located monitoring station or a user community spread over the network. The choice on grey scale or color is application specific; mono-chrome images are preferred for motion related analysis while color images are preferred for visual analysis and study of environmental impact.

To facilitate a total solution to our customers, we provide hardware and software interfaces to various types of camera connectivity; interfaces like Camera Link, Serial etc, enabling customer to use their preferred camera. The data output can be transmitted over any kind of physical links like serial, parallel, HDLC, LAN or PCM formats.

The captured image is compressed to make use of limited transmission bandwidth in mediums like wireless VHF/UHF links, LAN on copper or fiber and the like. The images are compressed using DCT/DWT techniques, as per requirement.

Our software team provides user friendly and convenient GUI for interacting with the compression engines, interfaces and other peripheral devices. This unique facility under one umbrella from Dexcel is more than a convenience to our customers. The controls on hardware, image capture, processing parameters etc. can be GUI controlled. Besides we also make the test-jig simulating test patterns, test images and performance evaluation.

For capture of omegas and video from under water scenarios, Dexcel has experience in capture & recording the streaming video, distribute both real-time and archived contents over a LAN network, develop and manage remote camera, PTZ and DVR controls for known protocols provided by the manufacturers.

Dexcel can provide solutions in all the environment conditions like commercial, industrial grade, and Military requirements meeting JSS55555.

With the expertise in the FPGA based digital designs, image compression algorithms implementation, GUI interface requirements, interfacing to standard equipments in the image capturing network, developing application software for interface equipments like camera, PTZ and video recording units, Dexcel can provide a total turnkey solution by integrating in house design and delivery experience and acting as System Integrator (SI) for the entire solution.

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Dexcel is specialized in Embedded Networking Technologies. Dexcel designed custom built units like Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for SCADA, capturing of data port connectivity status, server rack power supply distribution units, war ship weapon position data network (part of Combat Monitoring System – CMS), RFID reader network are some of examples.

Each remote unit is designed for the specific application as per customer requirements. These remote units will have the capability to monitor status, capture field parameters, format the information and transmit over the network to a central system for decision making. The central computer can also provide commands for executing specified tasks addressable to each remote unit as well as on a broadcast mode. The networks can run to kilometers on a wire or over Internet/WAN for unlimited coverage.

Dexcel has already designed and implemented many such systems in the filed for domestic and global customers.

The protocols used for handlings such network are RS485 (for long distance), I2C, CAN (short distances), LAN for wide area and Internet protocol etc. Proper encryptions are used for safe data transfer in the network. For supervisory and management functions, the field staff can carry add-on devices to get connected into the network and manage their functions using standard devices like PDAs, Laptops etc. The protocol can also be customized, if required.

Beyond the RTU concepts, we have also developed and supplied on board ship weapon position monitoring and control units, that are integrated into a central control unit with rugged computers, data logging and surveillance functions. We can provide the embedded networking elements for industrial and military specifications and robustness.

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Signal Processing/Conditioning

The digital/analog signals tapped from the field are subjected to processing as per the requirements. Our expertise in image compression, data acquisition and networking gives us wide exposure to manage and process the field of data and other input data for processing in time, frequency and auto co-relation domains.

The signal processing algorithms are primarily implemented in FPGA based logics with or without soft core embedded processors in the FPGA. COTS ASICs are also used to achieve the required signal conditioning in conjunction with the FPGA based signal processing. The analog signals (current loop, mV, voltage swing etc.) are manipulated using different signal processing algorithms like transforms in the digital domain after using AD converters.

Our specialization is more on hardware platform centric signal processing than the conventional DSP Microcontroller based designs. Many requirements cannot be met with the readymade ASICs as they would lack some specific needs for given applications. The signal processing hardware is developed with models generated and tested in Matlab/Simulink. Iterations in the hardware are limited to reduce the design cost and time.

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Data Acquisition

Current scenario in data acquisition technology is way ahead from the conventional collection of field data and passing over to controllers/actuators. We are focusing on high speed data acquisition, manipulation and storage.

Dexcel has designed many products and systems in the data acquisition technology realm. It includes high speed data collection in ASIC characterization platform, where the performance and characterization data form the DUT (Device Under Test) are very dense and of high speed. No data loss will be tolerated by the system. For such requirements Dexcel has solutions built around the entire DUT board with on board FPGAs for data capture and host customer test glue logics programmed. With proper design of the validation board, it can be used for different ASICs with suitable changes in the FPGA program files.

The cards are of very high density designed in 14-20 layers with very high density connectors for plugging the DUT on to the characterization platform.

The data capture units can be plugged to desktop PCs through USB/LAN links and interact with the control and capture programs. Various parameters like number of channels (independent/concurrent), data length, throughput etc. can be programmed through the USB/Serial/LAN onto the FPGA.

There are devices that pump in data at very high speeds like above 100 Mbps per second forming as the input for the data capture system. These include satellite imagery data to be captured and recorded without loss of even a single bit. Dexcel has designed cards that can be plugged on to PCI/PCI-e to be used in standard PCs or complete boxed solution carrying battery and embedded motherboard with SATA HDD interfaces.

Under rugged environments, even flash disks are used for recording the captured data with bootable flash disks. For a complete portable solution, Dexcel provides LCD interfaces, battery management tools etc.

Dexcel also manufactures generic data capture units, custom made for the number, type and protocol of the inputs. The base model gets modified with a piggy back that takes care of the customization part.

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With the overwhelmed use of Internet and public WAN for transporting vital and secure data, it has become now imperative to have fool proof encryption hardware and software. Dexcel has pioneered in this filed and has provided many solutions to agencies like defense, meteorology departments, financial institutions and the like. The levels of encryption required by different agencies are different and hence only custom made solutions will work perfect for them.

The key of the encryption technology is such that even the designer will have no access to the data once the user takes over control. Our designs are such that the user can plug in their specific encryption hardware and software, providing total insulation even from the design and manufacturing agencies. Depending on the user, we also provide complete box with no need to add any custom made logic by the end user.

The Encryption domain also migrates into the networking domain due to its wide spread deployment and use of Internet for data communication. The boxes are easy plug-and-play with minimal interface required by the customer (of course, depends on the level of security sought y the user). Select models of Dexcel encryption boxes will have data erase and self destroying features also.

The encryption network will also have different types of remote units and central units. The remote units will have minimal administrative functions while nodal units will have full administrative coverage and high throughputs. The box size also varies form as small as handheld type for remote and filed units while the nodal units will be bigger boxes with more interfaces to connect to PC and operate.

Dexcel uses different technology like Network Processors for very high throughputs up to 600 Mbps and embedded softcore FPGA processors up to 60 Mbps throughputs. It also has variances in the form factor to suit standard add on embedded processor into the encryption board; example- PC-104 plus based encryptors.

Like in all cases, Dexcel can provide complete solution in this technology front meeting all types of environmental specifications – from Commercial to Military grade.

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Validation and Verification (V&V)

Dexcel, being a quality and customer driven company has systems and process in place for all functions and operations for both in-house and customers.

High level expertise and process oriented operation is a pre-requisite for any organization to undertake validation and verification projects. Dexcel undertake V&V for VHDL and Verilog RTL designs by making use of its expertise in the HDL domain required for most of the projects. Dexcel extends this capability as a service to customers for verifying and validating the RTL codes.

The depth of V&V for different customers and projects will vary. In the critical projects (for example Flight on-board computer) there is 100% coverage both in terms of test cases and in the RTL code lines. Test benches meeting to standards are used to ensure complete coverage.

All other test benches (TB), verification logic etc. are designed in-house. Also for cases where there is less than 100% coverage the TBs are developed in house.

For Dexcel, V&V is a part of the process and our customers get benefited by using our systems and expertise to under take their V&V requirements.

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System Integration (SI)

From a conventional perception, System Integration (SI) cannot be termed as a technology. However in the contemporary scenario, the building blocks used by the SI are complex and need engineering skill to handle and use, SI may be grouped under the technology bracket.

The technological, design and implementation expertise possessed by a SI is a critical factor to prove to be successful in this field. Customers bestow the complete responsibility of implementing the project by means of COTS and or designed/fabricated products. The SI has to interact with many and diverse vendor profiles to get all the building blocs, delivered, installed, keep running and maintain.

It is at this juncture, relevance of Dexcel or Dexcel like design companies, in the SI technology sphere. With the type of products, technology, development and production experience in the embedded domain, Dexcel is well poised to be SI. The advantage with Dexcel or Dexcel like design companies who venture into the SI domain is the technological leverage in finding, implementing and complimenting the requirements with home grown solutions as well.

Dexcel has already completed a couple of projects that can be classified under the SI Technology domain.

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