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Altera FPGA Public Training Calendar - Fab 2015 (Bangalore)

Course Name Curriculum Duration Date Prerequisite Price
Advanced Qsys System Integration Tool Methodologies
  • Component and System Verification Through Simulation
  • System Verification with System Console
  • Creating Custom Components with TCL
  • Utilizing Hierarchy in Your Qsys Designs
  • Class Summary
  • Exercises
1 Day 25 Feb 15 Background in digital logic design Working knowledge of the Quartus II design software Knowledge of HDL coding methodology (helpful but not mandatory) Completion of the "Introduction to the Qsys System Integration Tool" class Registration Open
System design with NIOS II Embedded Soft Processor on Altera FPGA
  • System design approaches
    • External Processor with memory mapped FPGA
    • FPGA as basic communication controller (RS232, USB)
    • SOPC as a communication controller (RS232, USB,LAN)
  • Designing with the Nios II Processor and Qsys basics
    • Introduction to Qsys
    • NIOS II Processor - Hardware
    • Development
    • Nios II Processor - Software
    • Development/Debug
    • Configuring the Development Board
    • Memory Interfacing (SDRAM, Flash)
    • Serial interface(UART)
2 Day 26 Feb 15 to 27 Feb 15 Basic Digital Electronics Design, Altera FPGA Architecture, working knowledge with Altera Quartus II and basic FPGA based project implementation experience Basics of processor/controller based design Registration Open

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