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Dexcel is a renowned and proven FPGA design center with advanced capabilities in Altera, Actel, QuickLogic, and Xilinx devices. We have design expertise on all major platform technologies and advanced tools such as Synplify Pro, ModelSim, MATLAB/Simulink , System Generator, ChipScopePro , DSP Builder, and SOPC Builder. Besides advanced capabilities referenced below, Dexcel is quite capable of providing cost effective solutions for simple interfaces or logic designs on low cost, low density PLD devices. Dexcel can take up design from concept through specification to FPGA implementation and further can make it migrate to Structured ASIC - HardCopy.

In addition to developing custom logic solutions, Dexcel also develops and licenses certain IP cores and provides IP integration services.

Dexcel provides full design and implementation services for FPGA based system development. From idea to product, we work top-down to take your FPGA design through implementation and verification to meet your requirements.

A brief list of our FPGA design services include

  • Conceptualization, Specification Crystallization and Test plan
  • Designing Implementation Methodology and FPGA selection
  • VHDL/Verilog coding (RTL)
  • Simulation and Verification (Environment creation with Test bench and Software Test Suites)
  • Synthesis and Optimization to target technology
  • IP block selection and integration
  • Floor Planning and Place and Route for Performance
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • FPGA to Structured ASIC transitions
  • System on Chip FPGA designs with one or more CPU cores embedded on a single low-cost FPGA.
  • Development Boards and System Integration
  • Implementation of emerging standards
  • H/W & S/W Partitioning
  • Concept validation
  • Translation services (Re-targeting)
  • FPGA-to-FPGA

Areas of Expertise

  • High-speed designs involving multi-gigabit SERDES, Board Designs, EMI/EMC, LVDS, Mixed Signal
  • High-speed DDR, QDR, chip-to-chip I/O
  • SPI, VoIP, Packet Processing
  • RapidIO, RocketIO
  • PCI-Express (PCIe) up to x16 lanes
  • DSP algorithm development, digital signal processing in FPGAs
  • Embedded MCUs such as PPC, uBlaze, Nios II
  • High-speed video/image processing (medical, defense, broadcast head-end)
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Board/Circuit Design Services
State of the art board-level design utilizing the latest technologies ensures creation of cost optimized designs. The level of signal integrity, power consumption, EMI/EMC, manufacturability and testability is controlled to optimally suite the requirement of the project.

Dexcel's PCB design team is capable of developing Board Solutions from a simple conceptual block diagram to a future proof board to suit customer's long time requirements. Dexcel's approach to board design is result of its experience in serving wide spectrum of global clients with highly varied requirements.

Our Expertise

FPGA/CPLD based Boards
FPGA board solutions to provide appropriate solution for the client's priority considerations - may it be features, performance, power, cost or upgradeability or combination of any of these. Dexcel provides such optimum solutions to the client without any bias to any vendor devices.

Embedded Processor based Boards
Embedded processor boards designed around carefully chosen controllers to fit exact needs of the clients taking account of the suitable architecture and required peripherals, performance, power consumption, product support from the vendor, upgradeability and the total board cost

FPGA/CPLD plus Embedded Processor Boards
High performance Hybrid board solutions with FPGA/CPLD and Micro-controllers are designed to provide best platform for optimum H/W and S/W partitioning, system throughput and greater flexibility for feature up gradation or system redesign.

Mixed Signal Boards
Specialized in data acquisition board design involving ADC and DAC, FPGA and DDR2 memory working up to 200MHz, HDD interface for storage and providing interface to PC based analyzer through USB, SPI and LAN. Also versatile in designing test platforms for characterizing high speed devices that can eliminate need for low speed ATE.

High Speed Digital Boards
Highly experienced in designing high speed boards with High end FPGA and Intel XScale processors along with DDR2 memory, DPRAM and SERDES and LVDS interfaces up to 1.6GHz with Impedance control, EMI and EMC compliance.

Ruggedized and Conduction cooled Boards
Experienced in designing MIL grade, Ruggedized, Conduction Cooled boards with total mechanical housing solutions for RADAR and Missile applications

Low Power Boards
Experienced in designing low power consuming boards for hand held appliances architected around low power micro controller and FPGA/CPLD with state of the art power management features.

PCB Design Services

Architectural design

  • Requirements specifications and test plans
  • Schematics, BOM, netlists, routing and layout guidelines, board stack-up, PCB specifications
  • PC Board layout using internal or external resources
  • Selection and management of subcontractors for manufacturing, sourcing etc.
  • Bring-up and verification
  • Compliance testing including environmental and regulatory
  • Ruggedized and conduction cooled boards for MIL and Space applications
  • ROHS compliance design
  • DFM and DFT reviews, reports etc.
  • Production test system specifications and design

Design Tools Expertise

  • Cadence - OrCAD Capture
  • Cadence - Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics – PADS
  • Zuken - CADSTAR

Test & Lab Facility

  • DPO4000 – 1GHz, 5 GSPs, 4 Channel Color Oscilloscope with I2C and SPI analysers
  • TDS 220 - 100MHz Bandwidth, 1 GSPs per channel, 2 channels
  • Logic Analyzer
  • TLA 623, 102 channels with MagniVu Acquisition
  • Waveform Generator
  • 2GHz Signal Generator
  • 15MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • LCR Q Meter
  • Rework Stations and Soldering Stations (ROHS compliant)


Prototyping is the process of quickly putting together a working model (a prototype ) in order to test various aspects of a design, illustrate ideas or features and gather early user feedback. Prototyping is often treated as an integral part of the system design process, where it is believed to reduce project risk and cost. Often one or more prototypes are made in a process of incremental development where each prototype is influenced by the performance of previous designs, in these way problems or deficiencies in design can be corrected. When the prototype is sufficiently refined and meets the functionality, robustness, manufacturability and other design goals, the product is ready for production.

At Dexcel we have our labs equipped with necessary tools to do the assembly and testing to create a prototype.

CAD Tools expertise

  • Allegro Cadence
  • CADStar
  • Protel
  • Orcad
  • Testing tools
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Oscilloscope

We undertake orders to manufacture self designed products or take the proto production orders of third party design. Apart from the PCB fabrication, done with our reliable partners everything else is done in-house.

The designs done by Dexcel takes into account all the necessary certification like EMI/EMC etc required for the product and also goes through qualification tests at the reputed labs in India and abroad.

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