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NetBox Wireless Routers

NetModule offers a wide range of industrial-grade routers for wireless and wireline communication.

The industrial router are designed for stationary applications. Often these routers are mounted on a DIN rail. Beside multiple LAN and WAN communication capabilities they provide means for data acquisition, protocol conversion or local data processing and storage. Applications include CCTV, Digital Signage, remote management and condition monitoring.

The mobile routers are designed for vehicular communication in railways, buses and many more. Typical for these products is the compliance to industry standards such as 72/245/EWG for buses or EN50155 for railway. The mobile routers support multiple WWAN technologies with seamless handover.

Industrial Routers

General purpose routers for the DIN rail.

nb1310 NB1310 (Discontinuing effective from 31st Oct 2011, recommended NB1600 with additional functionality)
NB 1310 small general purpose UMTS router.
Applications: Digital Signage, CCTV, Mobile Broadband.
NB1600 NB1600 (new)
NB1600 industrial UMTS router for DIN rail mount.
Applications: Condition monitoring, Remote management, Telemetry, CCTV, Digital signage, Vending
NB2210 NB2210 (Discontinuing effective from 31st Oct 2011, recommended NB1600 with additional functionality)
NB2210 small general purpose GSM router.
Applications: Telemetry, Condition Monitoring, Remote Control
Mobile Routers
Mobile routers for secure vehicular communication with trains, buses boats and also stationary applications such as ticket machines.
NB2500 NB2500
E1 certified vehicular router with UMTS/HSPA, WLAN, GPS, Ethernet, USB
Applications: Passenger Information Systems, Digital Signage, Infotainment, Ticket machines, PoS Terminals, Buses, Trams, Cars and Boats, Condition Monitoring, Land line backup or replacement, Telemetry
NB2600 NB2600 (new)
Industrial router with UMTS/HSPA, WLAN, GPS, Ethernet, USB, Digital I/O.
Applications: Condition monitoring, Remote management, Machine control, Data acquisition, Ticket machines, vending, Mobile applications
NB2600R NB2600R
EN50155 certified railway router with UMTS/HSPA, WLAN, GPS, Ethernet, USB, Digital I/O
Applications: Railways: Mobile Broadband, Condition Monitoring, Remote Management, Passenger information systems, Electronic payment systems, Voice over IP.
NC1000 NC1000 - NetBox Central Office Router
The NC1000 NetBox Central Office Router is the perfect counterpart
for all NetBox Wireless Routers. It terminates incoming Open-
VPN connections and is the gateway to your remote mobile sites.
Applications: VPN concentrator for NetBox Wireless Routers, Extend Intranet to mobile sites
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