Dexcel Electronics India and Alpha Technology UK partnership
Dexcel & Alpha Technology have signed up a partnership to develop suitable Scrypt Proof of work Hardware. Current Scrypt proof of work is primarily done through standard GPU. Through this partnership we intend to develop specialized affordable hardware ( FPGA/ASIC) to do this using much more efficient technology consuming much less power .

Are cryptocurencies the way of the future?
In a world when everything seems to be going the virtual way, why not virtual currencies? As it happens,cryptocurrencies have been in existence for quite some time and many believe they are the future of currency. The market value is proof of this.

FPGA based Advanced Mezzanine Cards for MicroTCA applications
Commercial off the shelf solutions has been typically leading the telecom equipment market in the recent years. Custom solutions already in place are fast getting replaced by standard architectures like ATCA, MicroTCA etc. Out of these architectures MicroTCA with Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) has been evolving as low cost solutions in comparison to the "big brother" ATCA.

Analogue Design: A Challenging But Satisfying Option
At the current rate of growth and development, the Indian ESDM industry could potentially employ 2.78 crore by 2020 compared to 44 lakh in 2010. This indicates an urgency to develop skilled manpower by creating the necessary institutions,

Non availability of free skilled R&D resources in-house leads to design outsourcing
With good understanding and skills in areas such as custom circuit layout, electrical design and simulation, analogue designers plan, organise, execute and document as they steer their organisation towards its goals. The Indian electronics industry looks for designers who are flexible across domains and technologies.

The design capability has grown multi-fold and we see several innovative and complex designs being churned out
Traditionally Indian embedded design industry was largely a forte of MNCs who had set shops in India for their off shoring work and then there were small timers who used to work in Mom & Pop shop kind of arrangement who used to primarily do designs around low end microcontrollers servicing local markets

Now you can enable NFC on your Mobiles
Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology has created a lot of buzz, but the technology is being implemented only in high-end smart phones. There aren't also too many applications being developed to use the NFC technology. Google Wallet being a significant exception.

Leader Speak with Anil Mascarenhas of IIFL
Embedded design industry forms part of the ESDM ecosystem; demand for which is poised for massive growth in the country. It's projected that by 2020 the demand would touch nearly US$ 400bn, however, the supply if it grows at the current growth rate will not be able to fulfil the same and will amount to approximately 290bn dollar deficit.

Innovation at Dexcel covers full gamut from military to mobiles
IT industry watchers say 2013 may be the Year of Tap and Pay for mobile phones. New models increasingly come pre installed with NFC or Near Field Communication technology, which will allow the mobile hand set to be used in a contactless way - or by a simple tap - to make payments much as one uses a credit card these days. But what about the millions of phones currently in use, which DON'T have NFC technology?

Dexcel bags two prestigious awards from Institute of Economic Studies
In the FPGA design flow, after getting the design requirement from client, detailed design document will be prepared. Once the document is approved, RTL design will start and once functional simulation is completed, design will be implemented (synthesis ->translate-> Mapping, place and route) for the targeted device using vendor specific or third-party synthesis tools.

An introduction to FPGA Timing Analysis
Dexcel Electronics Designs, a well-established embedded product engineering company, today announced that it has been conferred with the "Excellence Award" by the Indian Institute of Economic Studies, India's premier research institute. This award is in recognition of Dexcel's exemplary performance and strong contribution to the Indian economy by doing outstanding work in the embedded product engineering space.

Dexcel Electronics Designs launches training division - EmDAC
Dexcel has been a distinguished embedded design services company and is capable of providing end to end product design services. Dexcel was instituted in the year 2000 with a vision to provide embedded design services to global electronic industry.

The need of the hour is to have a single window for complete product design solution and supply
The latest trend in design houses is that today customers prefer a one stop solution for designs as well as production which is also the need of the hour

Dexcel on IP re-use, Indian semicon product companies
Being in the embedded designs domain, Dexcel possesses both the hardware and software skill sets under one roof

Dexcel on growth drivers for Indian embedded design industry
It is my endeavor to write about semiconductors, solar/PV, EDA. FPGAs, embedded,

Top 10 embedded companies in India
Right then! This topic should be of interest to several folks in India as well as overseas! Especially

Altera's "Code:DSP" Initiative
Altera's "Code:DSP" Initiative Accelerates FPGAs Into DSP Mainstream

Programming the IBM Cell Baseband Engine
The IBM Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) promises high performance at low

Encryption engine using SOPC
by Amit Sinha, CEO and Managing Director, Dexcel Electronics Designs Pte Ltd; and Razak Mohammedali

Indian firm offers terminal reference design
Dexcel Electronics, a five-year old design services house based here, has developed a reference design for portable

PCI To Local Bridge Reference Design
Most PCI chips and cores only implement the minimum PCI bus interface signaling