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The operational environment demanded by defense sector even for embedded systems are very stringent and has no relaxation compared to other electronic/non-electronic systems. Military equipments are required to be more robust and user friendly than their counterparts in consumer and industry automation industry.

Defense requirements normally call for a total solution including electronics, mechanical casings/housings meeting stringent environmental stress conditions. A design house possessing all these expertise under one roof will only be able to effectively cater to them.

Dexcel is largely benefited by undertaking and executing many projects in diverse application areas in the defense segment. Dexcel is focusing primarily on digital, compute intensive, programmable logics, data acquisition based control and networking products for defense industry.

Some of Dexcel projects examples in this area are :

  • Radar Jammers and Timing Control
  • Signal Conditioning and Hi Speed Data Acquistion
  • On-board Missile Target Image Capture, Compression & Transmission
  • Image Compression with DWT & DCT Algorithms
  • Doppler Weather Radar Transmitter Control Electronics
  • Time Delayed Programmable Pulse Trains/Trigger Distribution Systems
  • Encryptor/Decryptor for IP Traffic (10/100/1GB)
  • Patterns and Image creation Test benches
  • Under Water Video Capture, streaming, recording and playback
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The automation industry is now on the move of upgrading the technical capability in a factory set-up for better productivity, maintenance of process quality and minimal down time in.

Modernizing the factory is a current market that finds in-roads for many embedded systems and solutions. Most of these enterprises use equipments and machinery from large standard machine manufacturers and then supplemented by home-grown embedded solutions to adapt to peculiar/specific working conditions or goals. These looked after solutions are not readily available in the market and are to be developed and deployed by design houses with good credibility in executing complex projects on time with quality.

Typically the embedded systems developed locally are interfaced with the existing machinery and hooked on to the available networks using many different protocols. Good level of knowledge in working with such mixed requirement environment adds leverage to design companies like Dexcel.

Easy to operate, Human Machine Interface (HMI) with least required with least training required portability (hand held/interchangeable) of products, networking capability, redundant operation, maintenance without shutting down machines/process are some of the key parameters considered for designs catering to this industry.

Dexcel’s capability in FPGA based embedded solutions are the best fit for specific requirements in automation industry; due to short time-to-implement, flexibility in operation, upgradeability and obsolescence proofing for longer use period.

Some of Dexcel projects examples in this area are :

  • Data Centre Patch Cord Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units
  • Customized Single Board Computer (SBCs) with ARM Processor
  • PCI to Local Bus Interface IP for FPGAs
  • Digital & Analog Data Acquisition SCADA RTUs
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The semiconductor industry is addressing large volume global requirement of a generic logic, to be used in a product(s). It is is busy churning out newer and newer ASICs and consequently the user community faces issues in the availability of the ASICs, even after few years down the launch.

In addition to the inherent lead time associated with any ASIC design, the high cost involved in each revision of the ASIC and the time lost in this iterative process makes the semiconductor industry designers to adapt to specific embedded system tools and support hardware/software to assist them to meet these goals.

Like in the automation industry segment, the requirements are widely varying from company to company and product to product, requiring close association and support from credible design companies.

For new ASICs developed, data used in Verification and Validation of its characteristics are of high speed and complex in nature. The characterization process of the ASIC is a specialized task and is critical during pre-launch activity. Due to high risk in market acceptability and product success, semiconductor companies also prefer to demonstrate to their major customers, the capabilities of the proposed ASICs in an FPGA platform with custom built boards.

Dexcel is in close association with world leading ASIC design companies to achieve the above said functions. Solutions developed by Dexcel can be modified and reused for different applications there by reducing effort and time..

Some of Dexcel projects examples in this area are :

  • High Speed ASIC Characterization Data Collection and Simulation for GPS Receivers.
  • GPS Data Collection, Storage, Replay and Archival
  • Customized Single Board Computer (SBCs) with ARM Processor
  • Test & Evaluation Hardware Platforms for Latest Microprocessors
  • Verification & Validation of FFT and ALU of flight computer CPU
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Data Security/IP Surveillance

Due to widespread use of Internet as a vehicle for data transfer by all types of users like Military, Financial Organizations, Government etc., safety of private and confidential data pumped through the Internet is a major concern. Loss or intercepting vital data in the Internet corridor is a mater of serious concern and catastrophic to these type of users. Hence demand for data security in now on the rise and is of prime importance to every stake holder.

Though every customer is concerned on security of data, all of them have varied and different approach in handling and managing encryption/decryption part as well as hardware in the network. Customers are comfortable with both hardware and software exclusively developed for each one of them. Though technically it is possible, to meet the time lines and cost considerations, Dexcel provides building block solutions to achieve this unique product requirement with the net result of low cost and faster deployment.

Due to wide spread deployment and use of data encryptor/decryptor, plug-n-play is one of the key parameter for the data encryption product designs. Dexcel has already implemented this feature in its products and is continuously engaged in research and development.

In near future Data Security segment will attain a stature to be considered as a full fledged and recognizable industry segment on its own, due to the high market potential, large user base and the need for securing sensitive data over Internet for everyone.

Some of Dexcel projects examples in this area are :

  • Secure Data Collection in Custom Built Pen/Flash Drives
  • Encryptor/Decryptor for IP Traffic (10/100/1GB)
  • 3DES Encryption for Mobile Top-up Services
  • LAN, WAN interface units with E1, E3, LAN AND V.35 Interfaces
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