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Case Studies / Radar Transmitter Control Electronics

Radar Transmitter Control Electronics

Dexcel had designed a product custom made for its customers to ease the Monitoring process for Radar Control and Monitoring System. This system uses all the data from various modules and control the TURN-ON Sequence of a Radar Transmitter. It also keeps on monitoring and scanning all the critical parameters of a transmitter and display the same with help of graphical user interface application on customer PC.


  • Scan complete set of Analog and Digital inputs
  • Control output signals.
  • Scanning of Data input and output in real time and parameters made visible to the user.
  • A safe & remote procedure of events to control and switch on the Transmitter by monitoring Interlocks (Power On Sequence)
  • The complete system is controlled & monitored through software avoiding any manual intervention
  • PC software to visualize the data in real time & generate real time reports.
  • Board Firmware: The firmware controls all the I/O lines at the regular predefined frequency and sequences in order to keep the Transmitter operational
  • PC Software: PC software is used to monitor, control & configure the system along with the status updates of all the parameters. The software application program is independent of any OS and can run on both Windows and Linux environments.

Figure 1 Radar Monitoring Control System

1.1 Functionality

1.1.1 Configuration and Control – Hardware

  • Altera NIOS II Embedded processor.
  • Digital inputs (single ended) – (0 to +5V level )
  • Digital output (single ended) – (0 to +5V level )
  • Analog inputs (single ended) – (0 to +5V level DC)
  • Ethernet - 10/100 Mbps
  • RS422/RS 485 Output control
  • ESD protection at all I/Os.
  • All components are industrial temperature grade.
  • Power input 5V DC.

1.1.2 System Software – Application and Firmware

  • Scans data from IO lines every 10 ms
  • Connected to Control Electronics (Control Card) with Ethernet interface
  • Triggers Pattern Generation
  • Support with Local Operation and works i both Auto/Manual mode
  • Support with Remote operation where input is fed from RC module – Auto Mode only
  • Real time Data Logging and Customized Data logging (User can configure typical parameters to be logged)
  • Displays the real time value of all the predefined & configured parameters in Windows application.
  • Display Alerts for all the values out of bound with message and color codes.

The system can be configured and controlled via Local /Remote PCs. The IP configuration (Network Related) of the Control Card is configured in the Local machine only.

The whole software deals with information from the Control card which logs all the parameters in any point of time. This information is sensed in the Control is transmitted to a switch which decide the Remote or Local Mode of operation of the system.

Figure 2 Radar Control Monitoring Software

1.2 Application

This system is integrated to be used as Doppler Weather Radar Control system. The applications of the system are

  • Weather Monitoring System at Sea shores
  • Weather Monitoring System at Airports etc
  • Weather Monitoring System at high Altitude places of interest

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