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Dexcel Electronics Designs, an embedded systems design house was incubated in the year 2000. It was started with a vision to be a leading provider of technology expertise and solutions for the converging world of information, media and communications. Since inception, while serving national and international customers in diverse domains, Dexcel has evolved into a company with a perfect blend of highly experienced and skilled technical teams in software development and hardware design, which can churn out specifications to a complete product or part of the product life cycle.

Dexcel's core capability liles in designing systems on a programmable chip (FPGA) with in chip-expertise (RTL Level design) and out of the chip design (Board level) capabilities.

With such capabilities in this area, Dexcel becomes a partner of choice for a variety of new electronic equipment design and development. Customers using Dexcel's design services get the added benefit of a wide range of tested design blocks that can be used in the design, thereby reducing the time to market with significant savings in development cost.

Dexcel leverages the capabilities of its three specialized technology groups to provide comprehensive product design and support services for embedded products and equipment. The services offered by Dexcel can be categorized as:

  • Design Services directly related to new product design and development, feature enhancement, etc
  • Embedded Systems
  • Augmentation Services which support the customers product development, maintenance, Testing and Temp Staffing effort

Embedded Systems Design Services

  • Hardware Development (FPGA & Board)
  • Algorithms development and optimization of code for DSPs
  • Embedded Software development / porting and optimization for specific targets (real time and non real time environments)
  • Firmware Design and Development
  • Protocols stacks and related communications software development

Augmentation Services

  • Product and Application Testing Services
  • Onsite Staff Augmentation Services
  • Product Maintenance and Support Services


To be a leading provider of Technology, Expertise and Solutions for the converging world of information, media and communication.


"Dexcel’s expertise to enable customers to achieve their product designs with high quality at the most optimum cost and agreed time"


Customer satisfaction : We ensure that each customer is treated with dignity and satisfied by our product and services.

Quality : We are committed to continuous improvement of all our activities and delivery of quality product and services.

Integrity : We maintain credibility by making certain our actions always match our words.

Respect : We respect each employee's right to be involved, to the greatest extent possible or desired, in making informed decisions about his or her career growth and contribution to the organization growth.

Accountability : We accept personal responsibility to efficiently use organization resources, improve our systems, and help others improve their effectiveness.

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